Managing the electromagnetic environment

As specialists in electromagnetic environment management, we make environmental health a priority by helping public and private sector players to better define their risk management policies. We support the responsible deployment of digital technology by designing innovative services and products with the aim of striking a balance between health and technological development.


Managing electromagnetic environments

As an accredited testing laboratory from the outset, we have built our identity in the rigorous world of regulatory testing. Coming from the world of academic research, over the years, we have instilled a dynamic of development that today enables us to place innovation at the heart of our service offering.


"As PhD graduates from the University of Toulouse at the height of the digital explosion, we created Exem to respond to the environmental health issues associated with the deployment of telecommunications infrastructures."


Linked to the challenges of exposure to electromagnetic fields


Creation of the company

The company was founded in response to societal concerns about exposure to electromagnetic fields.


ANFR public contract

The company has been selected by the French National Frequencies Agency as part of a scheme to assess public exposure to EMFs.


Workers' legislation

Decree 2016-1074 on the exposure of workers to electromagnetic fields comes into force


Commercial launch of our electromagnetic exposure monitoring platform based on the deployment of a network of communicating sensors


Launch of our dedicated services to support local authorities in their work on electromagnetic fields and environmental health

Our team

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Guilhem Astre

Guilhem ASTRE


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Lamine OURAK

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Pascal TAJAN

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Clémentine MARCHISIO

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Metrology Manager


Companies & local authorities

Positioned in a new area that requires long-term thinking, we were determined to come up with innovative solutions to meet the social challenges . From 2015, we therefore set up a team of engineers dedicated to research and development.

Competition winner

of ENEDIS innovation

In 2015, we won the national innovation competition organised by ENEDIS for our work on underground power line detection.

The social debate taking shape in France in the 2010s led us to develop a solution designed for the general public. We have developed a sensor technology that now enables us to monitor public spaces with complete transparency via our EMF Observatory platform.



Recognised for our unique expertise, we have been selected by the French National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety for two studies aimed at examining the impact of new mobile uses on users’ exposure to electromagnetic fields, and the impact of industrial technologies such as welding on operators in the workplace.

In 2022, we have observed that local authorities, as part of their environmental health policy, need support on various aspects of exposure to electromagnetic fields. Thus we have developped a comprehensive and modular “EMF City Management” package to help public authorities manage exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Our references

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Reliability of measurements

We have been COFRAC accredited to ISO 17025 since 2011 and have a quality management system in place. Our instruments come from the best manufacturers of electromagnetic field measurement chains and are regularly checked by the Laboratoire National d’Essai (LNE) to guarantee the reliability of the measurements. COFRAC accreditation n°1-5014, scope available on


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