Mapping the electromagnetic environment

Innovative mapping solutions for a global approach to environmental health


Why mapping electromagnetic waves ?

When it comes to electromagnetic exposure, there is a paradox in the way we use digital technology. Most people are concerned about mobile tower transmitters without considering the radiation from the phone, which increases as it gets further away from a mobile antenna.

In terms of preventing long-term effects, the government recommends that people use their phones when there is good coverage. We are therefore proposing an innovative two-pronged approach that enables exposure and coverage levels to be mapped at street level so that action can be taken to achieve the right balance between reasonable exposure levels and adequate network coverage.

EMF exposure mapping

We provide a map of exposure levels throughout the territory in order to identify potential areas of overexposure and set up monitoring or remedial measures.

Coverage mapping

We provide a map of the quality of coverage of the national operators to find out whether users have sufficient coverage. This can be used to manage exchanges with operators and standardise the network.

Environmental health

The dual coverage/exposure approach is part of a genuine long-term environmental health policy, with the aim of homogenising network coverage and exposure levels towards an acceptable average.


A territorial approach to environmental health

Whether you’re a local authority or a telecom operator, this offer can help you optimise the quality of coverage while homogenising exposure levels.


local authorities

For those of you wishing to implement an innovative environmental health policy, our offer enables you to take into account the short- and long-term issues surrounding electromagnetic exposure. This approach allows you to position yourself objectively in discussions with stakeholders.


telecoms infrastructures

For those of you who deploy or manage telecoms networks, our offer enables you to establish a constructive dialogue with stakeholders to optimise the quality of your network’s coverage while improving its impact on environmental health.


Our mapping solutions in detail

In today’s ever-changing urban environment, the demand for effective and sustainable solutions for mapping and monitoring cities is at an all-time high. This is precisely where our solutions come in, offering innovative approaches to two key aspects of urban life: exposure mapping and network coverage assessment.

Vélo en ville
icone emf city map

EMF City Map

Based on our intelligent sensor technology, the EMF City Map solution measures exposure to radio frequency waves while riding. Embedded in an electric bicycle, it can be used to produce a complete map of your area at road level. The results are displayed on an interactive map, enabling you to pinpoint the locations where you need to take follow-up action. As well as being a low-carbon solution, cycling enables us to maintain a fairly constant speed, whatever the type of road being travelled.

icone network city map


Like our exposure mapping solution, our solution for measuring the quality of network coverage is also embedded in our dedicated bike, and can even be carried out during the same journey. Coverage measurements are carried out simultaneously for the national operators. We display the results on an interactive map, which can be used to analyse points of interest requiring optimisation.

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