Electromagnetic fields monitoring

EMF Supervision, a unique solution for continuous measurement of people’s exposure


Why deploy monitoring tools?

In 2021, in its report on 5G, ANSES recommended monitoring changes in electromagnetic exposure as the network is rolled out and traffic increases. Our monitoring solution enables exposure levels to be measured continuously, and to provide data in real time for a given area or building. It also makes it possible to set up high-performance indicators.

The results can be consulted in real time on our platform, providing all the transparency needed for the environmental health issues public debate.


Continuous monitoring is a complement to existing on-site measurement solutions. It provides a long-term and real-time view of the digital infrastructures development impact on our exposure.


For local authorities or employers wishing to provide transparent information on the exposure of citizens and employees, the possibility of consulting exposure levels in real time is an essential factor in their communication.

Environmental health

The long-term analysis of the data provided by our monitoring solution enables precise indicators to be put in place for an effective environmental health policy.


All concerned

Local authorities, telecom operators, HSE managers… When it comes to environmental health issues, our EMF Supervision solution gives you a long-term approach of your electromagnetic environment.

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EMF Supervision is the ideal tool if you want to successfully implement an environmental health policy for current and future generations, while providing transparency for citizens.

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For those of you deploying infrastructures in your offices and industries to guarantee access to digital services for your employees, the deployment of our EMF Supervision Indoor solution makes it possible to respond to employees’ concerns and the obligations relating to your company’s risk prevention policy.

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telecoms infrastructures

For those of you who deploy or manage telecom networks, offering EMF Supervision to the customers and territories you support means you can enhance the value and long-term viability of your infrastructures.


Our supervision solution in detail

Our EMF Supervision service is based on the deployment of intelligent sensors to transparently monitor the evolution of exposure levels on your territory and in your buildings. Feel free to download the full brochure to find out more.

Vue d'un technicien en train d'accrocher un capteur de mesure d'ondes électromagnétiques à un candélabre
icone capteur wave 001

WAVE-001 Sensors

Lightweight, minute installation on street furniture, record autonomy, integrated communication cost, weatherproof, minimalist maintenance... Our WAVE-001 communicating sensor is the most innovative solution on the market for monitoring exposure to electromagnetic waves.

icone observatoire des ondes

The EMF Observatory website for everyone

Designed to communicate measurement results in real time, this site, which is accessible to everyone, makes your environmental health policy transparent to the public in the local authorities' case, and to employees in the case of companies. You can map all the sensors deployed in your area and consult the results of the measurements taken. It also contains educational, technical and scientific content for the general public.

icone plateforme supervision

The SUPERVISION platform

The secure SUPERVISION platform (available on computer, tablet or smartphone) allows you to view all the data stored since the start of the project in the form of graphs, tables, statistics or on a map of the city. At the click of a button, you can export the measured values in CSV format for use in other software or create a PDF report for effective communication.

We can help you



Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about electromagnetic field monitoring.

Our permanent electromagnetic wave monitoring system is specially designed for constant monitoring of emission levels from telecommunications installations. It makes this data available to the public via a dedicated website and online reports. Our EMF Supervision solution meets two key objectives: verifying that measured levels comply with current regulations, and establishing transparent data communication to build user confidence. It is based on a series of monitoring sensors deployed near telecommunications transmitters, such as antennas, or in places of particular interest such as schools and hospitals.

This service is based on a network of intelligent, connected sensors that take measurements in real time, with several readings taken each day. The data collected is made available to the general public via a dedicated website. The main aim of this EMF monitoring tool is to support local authorities so that they can respond to public concerns about their exposure to electromagnetic waves.

The purpose of our sensors is to monitor the progression over time of exposure to electromagnetic waves resulting from the deployment of antennas and the increase in network use. When implemented in a town or company, the EMF Supervision system demonstrates the commitment of local authorities and employers to promote transparency towards citizens and employees, and to complying with ANSES guidelines.

The sensors developed by Exem carry out exhaustive measurements of all radiocommunication emissions, including signals emitted by telephone aerials, Wi-Fi networks, FM radio stations and DTT transmitters.