Contribute to a more responsible deployment of digital technology with us

As a French SME and pioneer in electromagnetic expertise, our ambition is simple: to support the development of new technologies by providing innovative control solutions for exposure to electromagnetic fields. Exem has been built around a young and dynamic business model that keeps up with the times. To achieve this objective, we are recruiting a wide range of profiles with the ambition of building a motivated and conscientious team that places a premium on human relations.


Current job offers

Measurement technician

You will be responsible for measuring electromagnetic fields in various environments....

Planning Assistant

Within the three-member "sales administration" department, you will be responsible for managing the processing of order forms and planning the...


Why should you join us?

a culture of


We encourage a spirit of exploration and a constant search for new approaches. By working with us, you’ll be immersed in an innovative environment where new ideas are valued and put into practice.

we work


We believe in the power of teamwork. With us, you’ll be surrounded by a team of talented and motivated professionals who share a passion for excellence. We encourage collaboration, exchange of ideas and creativity to stimulate innovation.

personal & professional


We invest in the development of our employees. We offer ongoing training opportunities, mentoring programmes and career development opportunities to help you reach your full potential.


corporate culture

We attach great importance to creating a positive and inclusive working environment. We celebrate diversity and promote equal opportunities. You’ll be part of a warm and welcoming team where your ideas are valued.



We offer attractive benefits, including competitive remuneration, additional holiday entitlement, flexible working hours and home office opportunities.


Our career opportunities

At Exem, we understand that a person’s value is not limited to their qualifications. We appreciate diversity of backgrounds and experiences, and offer opportunities to self-educated individuals. Our recruitment process in no way prejudges the qualifications, professional background or previous experience of each candidate.

We regularly recruit talent in the following areas:

Vue du service administration des ventes au sein des locaux de la société Exem
icone adv

Sales management

Make the most of your expertise in processing orders and organising services. Your attention to detail and your ability to listen and solve problems will be essential in delivering a quality service.

icone service it dev

Software development

Are you passionate about programming and want to help develop innovative software? Join our R&D team and help create cutting-edge technological solutions.

icone big data

Data engineering

If you have proven skills in data analysis, management and exploitation, and are also interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence, we have some exciting opportunities to offer!

icone service marketing

Business and marketing

Do you have a talent for sales and marketing? Join the team and contribute to our growth by identifying new business opportunities and building strong relationships with our customers in France and internationally.

icone ondes electromagnetiques

Technical expertise

By joining our team of electromagnetic field exposure measurement technicians, you'll be able to put your in-depth knowledge of measurement equipment and data collection techniques to good use. Your ability to carry out accurate measurements, interpret the results and identify any problems will be essential in ensuring reliable assessments.


How to apply?

To join our Exem Team, please consult the job vacancies available or submit your spontaneous application by filling in the dedicated contact form. We can’t wait to discover your talent and welcome you! Your application will be taken into account and you will receive a reply, whatever our decision.