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Helping you comply with Decree 2016-1074 on the prevention of risks related to electromagnetic fields


Why do you need guidance?

Electromagnetic exposure is now an integral part of corporate risk prevention policies. The obligations defined by decree are difficult to implement and the health issues difficult to understand. We can help you train your staff and implement preventive measures and resources.


A range of support services for companies

Whether you are a company operating in the tertiary, industrial, or property sectors,or you work in the health sector, it is imperative that you comply with the regulatory provisions set out in Decree 2016-1074,which aims to protect workers from the risks associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields. Incorporating this source of risk into your prevention policy is essential.

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Our guidance solutions in detail

We propose a three-stage process to ensure your company’s safety and compliance with Decree 2016-1074: the audit, the implementation of preventive measures, and training. Each of these phases plays a key role in protecting your employees from the risks associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields, while ensuring compliance with the regulations in place.

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Electromagnetic sources audit

We identify the sources of electromagnetic fields and analyse work situations that could expose your employees to levels exceeding regulatory limits. Electromagnetic radiation sources are divided into two categories: those considered to be compliant and those requiring a more in-depth assessment. This classification is made taking into account the different categories of workers, i.e. workers with no particular risks, those presenting particular risks other than wearers of Active Implantable Medical Devices (AIMDs), such as pregnant women, and workers wearing AIMDs.

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We offer training courses for your risk prevention staff (HSE, QHSE, etc.) to help them implement the various regulations in place. This includes Section 6 of the decree requiring employers to inform and train workers exposed to electromagnetic fields. In addition, we offer a range of educational materials to help people understand the health issues associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields. We can also help you present the results of your assessment at meetings with stakeholders (works councils, etc.).

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Preventive measures and resources

In line with the results of the audit, our teams of specialist technicians go out on site to continue the risk assessment process and measure the conditions under which a work situation or piece of equipment identified during the audit phase is likely to expose your employees to levels exceeding the regulatory values. Measurements taken on site, under real operating conditions, help you to implement preventive measures and resources, particularly by determining the necessary safety distances.

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Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about managing electromagnetic waves and bringing businesses into compliance.

Yes, since the 1st of January 2017, employers must assess the risk to their employees and ensure compliance with the limit levels defined by the regulations in place. Equipment likely to emit electromagnetic fields must be identified and measurements must be taken if there is a risk of regulatory levels being exceeded.

Establishments open to the public (ERP) have a special status in terms of regulations. Under certain conditions, they can benefit from the ANFR system for taking measurements, in the same way as private individuals.

Please note, however, that the premises of your establishment that do not receive members of the public cannot be covered by the measurements and must be treated in accordance with Worker Decree 2016-1074 with regard to employee exposure.

There are two types of electromagnetic waves present in offices: radio waves linked to the proliferation of wireless telecommunications equipment (Wi-Fi terminals, mobile phone base stations, wireless telephone terminals, etc.) and low frequencies linked to live equipment (electrical cabinets, server rooms, etc.).

Industrial environments can be home to equipment radiating strong magnetic fields likely to exceed regulatory levels and operating at frequencies ranging from static magnetic fields to radio frequencies (demagnetisers, arc welders, shrink-wrapping benches, etc.).

Static sources can have several types of direct effect on those exposed (dizziness, nausea, pacemaker malfunction, magnetisation/heating of implants made of ferromagnetic materials, etc.).

The most effective solution is to keep workstations at least 50 cm away from power supply lines and transformers when designing or refitting premises.