Our expertise in the field of electromagnetic waves

Since 2010 we have developed a unique expertise in all areas of electromagnetic exposure. As an accredited control laboratory, we have also invested in research to develop innovative solutions which today allow us to offer expertise that meets environmental health challenges, such as monitoring and mapping.


As an accredited testing laboratory, we are the French leader in regulatory control measurements of electromagnetic exposure, with almost 10,000 measurements carried out every year in France.


Aware of the global issues linked to EMF exposure, we combine with our exposure mapping solution, a mapping of mobile telephone networks coverage in order to guarantee users the best conditions of use of mobile terminals (which emit less waves in areas of good coverage).

Business consulting

Since 2017 and the publication of the decree 2016-1074, we support companies in their risk prevention policy for their employees.


Since 2020, we have been offering the first electromagnetic supervision service which makes it possible to monitor in real time and continuously the evolution of electromagnetic fields levels in the territories.

Real Estate Valorisation

To support local authorities in their environmental health policies, we provide our expertise to help them identify the most suitable sites for deploying digital infrastructures, with the aim of smarter deployment to reduce people's exposure.


Discover our solutions

Do you want to develop a long-term environmental health policy, carry out occasional EMF measurements of your place or map your territory? Follow the guide:
icone emf supervision grand

EMF Supervision

The first electromagnetic fields monitoring service allowing continuous access to measurements taken by the sensors deployed in your territory. Share this information transparently with your citizens by publishing on the EMF Observatory.

icone emf city map

EMF City Map

The solution that gives you an overview of EMF exposure throughout your area. The measurements are taken by bike and can be viewed online on a map of your town.

icone network city map


In order to ensure that phones are receiving good reception and therefore emitting fewer electromagnetic waves, we offer a map of coverage, operator by operator. The measurements are also taken by bicycle and can be consulted online.

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Regulatory measures

Whether it's public or worker exposure, our accredited measurements provide you with an understandable report that gives you the facts about EMF levels and sources.


Reliability of measurements

We have been COFRAC accredited to ISO 17025 since 2011 and have a quality management system in place. Our instruments come from the best manufacturers of electromagnetic field measurement chains and are regularly checked by the Laboratoire National d’Essai (LNE) to guarantee the reliability of our measurements. COFRAC accreditation tests n°1-5014, scope available on www.cofrac.fr.


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