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Wireless technologies are now an integral part of our daily lives, and managing exposure to electromagnetic fields is now a crucial concern for businesses and property owners. Concerns about the health and wellbeing of occupants, as well as the need to comply with environmental standards, are therefore taking centre stage.

It is against this backdrop that we offer you comprehensive support to help you better manage exposure to electromagnetic fields, reassure your stakeholders and enhance the value of your property.

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Exem's response

In a sector where the challenges associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields are increasingly important for the health and well-being of your customers and employees, it is essential to adopt a strategic and proactive approach. As your partner, whether you’re a developer, builder, architect, landlord, design office, estate agency or hotel group, we can offer you our expertise to meet these complex challenges.

We work closely with you to implement reliable solutions that ensure regulatory compliance, reassure stakeholders and maximise the value of your property projects.


Compliance management

We understand the specific requirements of your sector, implement measures to comply with exposure limits and document the compliance of your property projects.

Our commitment to regulatory compliance ensures the safety and well-being of your customers and the quality of your property developments.



We understand that the reputation and trust of your stakeholders is of paramount importance in the property sector. Our commitment is to reassure your potential buyers,

tenants and investors by adopting transparent practices and rigorous measures in terms of electromagnetic field exposure and coverage quality.


Enhancing the value of your property

We are here to help you achieve environmental certification and ensure that your projects comply with safety standards.

We ensure that we meet market expectations by proposing solutions that enhance the appeal and value of your properties, enabling you to stand out from the crowd and maximise their market potential.


Our solutions in detail

We offer a complete range of solutions to help real estate professionals deal with their specific problems. Our services include in-depth HQE audits, high-frequency measurements, low-frequency measurements and real-time monitoring, all designed to add value to your projects.

By tailoring our services to the specific needs of each project, we offer you personalised support to meet the challenges of electromagnetic field exposure in the property sector.

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HQE audit

As part of an HQE property audit, we examine the levels of exposure of building occupants to electromagnetic fields, and assess electrical equipment and installations to ensure that they comply with regulatory standards. The aim is to create healthier indoor environments by limiting the potential impact of electromagnetic fields on occupants' health. In this way, our audit helps to promote the environmental quality of buildings.

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Low-frequency measurements

Low-frequency measurements are used to assess the exposure of occupants to electromagnetic fields generated by electrical installations, power lines and household appliances. Building professionals can then design optimised electrical layouts, use appropriate shielding materials and adopt good installation practices to reduce electromagnetic fields where necessary.

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NETWORK Indoor Map

To help you control electromagnetic exposure, we can also check the quality of network coverage in your buildings. Good coverage quality helps to reduce EMF emissions from users' mobile terminals in your buildings.

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Radio frequency measurements

Our accredited measurements make it possible to accurately assess occupants' exposure to electromagnetic fields, particularly from wireless technologies (Wi-Fi, mobile phones, base stations, etc.). By knowing the levels of exposure, those involved in the building industry can make informed decisions to design and fit out spaces in such a way as to reduce exposure to regulatory limit values when these are exceeded, and thus guarantee a healthy environment.

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EMF Supervision

The installation of continuous electromagnetic field measurement sensors outside and inside your buildings offers a proactive approach to ensure a safe and healthy electromagnetic environment in your building projects. Our solution enables constant monitoring, reactivity in the event of exceedances and active involvement of occupants, guaranteeing quality of life and peace of mind for all concerned.

We can help you



Here you will find answers to the questions most frequently asked by the property industry about exposure of the public and accommodation infrastructures to radio waves.

Exposure to electromagnetic fields generated by telecommunications infrastructures, such as base stations, and by wireless equipment used by the public, such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi, etc., is measured in terms of EMF exposure from the public and from accommodation infrastructures.

Although scientific research has not yet established conclusive proof, some studies suggest that prolonged exposure to high levels of electromagnetic fields could have health effects. It is therefore advisable to act in line with the recommendations of the government and ANSES to limit exposure as much as possible.

In most countries, exposure limits have been set to protect the public from the potential effects of electromagnetic fields. These limits are based on the recommendations of several international health organisations, such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

The assessment of exposure to electromagnetic fields in accommodation infrastructures can be carried out by qualified professionals, such as accredited electromagnetic field measurement laboratories. They use specialised equipment to measure exposure levels in different areas, both inside and outside buildings.

To reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, it is advisable to adopt good installation practices for wireless equipment such as base stations, respecting distance and orientation standards. It is also possible to set up exclusion zones or wave-free rest areas, use construction materials that attenuate radiation and promote the responsible use of wireless devices by the public.

Telecommunications operators are subject to strict regulations concerning the emission of electromagnetic fields. They carry out impact studies and regular measurements to ensure that exposure levels remain within established standards. They also optimise antenna configuration and use technologies to reduce exposure, while maintaining quality coverage for users.

Yes, electromagnetic fields can pass through walls and buildings. However, the power of the waves decreases with distance and is attenuated by building materials. Exposure assessment takes these factors into account when determining exposure levels inside buildings.

Electromagnetic field measurements are particularly relevant for building projects located near telecommunications infrastructures or for buildings where high exposure to electromagnetic fields is expected (offices, shopping centres, etc.). In all cases, it is advisable to consult qualified experts to assess the need for such measurements based on the specific characteristics of the project and the environment.