Real estate management and valorisation

Helping local authorities to better understand the deployment of digital infrastructures in their areas


Why do you need guidance?

The ever-increasing use of digital technology means that public authorities need to think about the deployment of digital technology across the country. It is still poorly understood that our exposure to radio waves is linked to the presence of antennas in our environment, but also to the use of our mobile terminals. The more a mobile terminal picks up the signal from the antenna, the weaker its wave emissions. There is therefore a balance to be struck in the deployment of digital infrastructures.


A sound technical and regulatory understanding of the situation by elected representatives and technical managers will help you to deal with the challenges more effectively. Telephone networks, antennas, exposure limits, specific absorption rates, regulations - we explain all the key aspects.


Knowing the network and sensitive locations ( nurseries, schools, etc.) in your area means you can plan rollouts more effectively. Our tools can help you take stock of all the infrastructures and special establishments in your municipality.

Management & valorisation

Offering your property to host digital infrastructure enables you to generate revenue while helping to optimise networks. We can help you identify relevant public and private buildings that could be of interest to digital players for the deployment of their antennas.


A consultancy service for local authorities

If you want to play an active role in the development of infrastructure in your area, our proposal gives you the opportunity to train your local authority’s elected representatives and technical professionals. It will also enable you to acquire in-depth knowledge of the current situation of the network deployed in your municipality, as well as the possibilities for improvement that are open to you. In addition, you can generate revenue by making the most relevant public buildings available.

Download our white paper on public exposure to electromagnetic waves


Our guidance solutions in detail

Our range of services includes a number of key elements to support your local authority in its digital deployment: training, an inventory tool, a tool to enhance the value of your estate and an telecom operator “Town Hall Information Files” process.

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We organise workshops for your elected representatives and technical departments, aimed at deepening their understanding of the environmental health challenges associated with the introduction of digital technology.

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Real estate Inventory

On our digital platform, we offer a complete map of the infrastructure in your area, together with access to technical data such as azimuths, frequencies, operators and an exhaustive list of establishments receiving sensitive populations, in accordance with the criteria defined in the law.

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Examination of Town Hall Information Files

The “Town Hall Information Files” submitted by the operators to the town's services must be studied in order to formulate any objections. We carry out this examination on your behalf and manage the exchanges with the operators.

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Real estate valorisation

We identify public and private buildings in your area that are particularly suitable for hosting digital infrastructure. We display them on our platform in map form so that you can offer them to operators first and generate revenue. Knowledge of the relevant private buildings also enables you to play an advisory role with other stakeholders (promoter, co-ownership associations, etc.).

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