Avignon takes a proactive approach to 5G

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Since its introduction, 5G technology has given rise to a great deal of discussion and questioning. However, despite its benefits, concerns about the potential effects on health and the environment have also been raised by some citizens, leading to debates in many regions.

The City of Avignon has therefore taken a bold initiative to meet the needs of its citizens. As part of the rollout of 5G, a project has been launched to install sensors to measure electromagnetic fields. This approach is part of a drive for transparency and to provide objective information on the levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields generated by 5G antennas in particular, in the Avignon area.

Vue des Palais des Papes à Avignon

Tangible data for the peace of mind of citizens

Given the uncertainty that still surrounds 5G, the municipality felt that it was essential to gather concrete data on electromagnetic fields. The measurements taken using Exem’s WAVE-001 sensors are accessible to all Avignon citizens. The aim of this transparency is to inform residents about the levels of electromagnetic field exposure in their respective neighbourhoods and to reassure them about possible health impacts.

The City of Avignon’s initiative is also the result of calls from its residents. The people of Avignon have contacted the local council to express their concerns about the installation of 5G antennas in the area. This open communication and dialogue between citizens and local authorities has been a key factor in the deployment of the EMF Observatory.

Continuous electromagnetic field measurement sensors

Three electromagnetic field measurement sensors have been deployed in the city, covering residential areas, shopping areas and public spaces. The data collected is then aggregated and made available to the public via a dedicated online portal: www.observatoiredesondes.com. The citizens of Avignon can thus consult the levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields (FM, TV, Wi-Fi, 4G, etc.) in their area, contributing to the transparency and demystification of 5G technology.

This approach undertaken by the City of Avignon illustrates a commitment to the safety and well-being of its residents while embracing technological innovation. It also shows the importance of communication and collaboration between local authorities and citizens in meeting the challenges posed by new technologies. As 5G continues to develop, Avignon is leading by example in its efforts to provide accurate information and address the legitimate concerns of its community.


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