Blois, a city committed to the management of electromagnetic fields in its territory

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Faced by growing concerns about exposure to electromagnetic fields and concerns about the deployment of 5G technology on its territory, the town council of Blois has expressed its support for a request aimed at temporarily suspending the installations. The aim was to gain a better understanding of the possible health effects associated with this new technology.

However, in response to the government’s refusal to comply with this request, the municipality has entered into a constructive dialogue with the operators with a view to establishing a charter governing the deployment of antennas in a considered and controlled manner. 5G. This agreement was officially ratified by the City in partnership with the operators Bouygues, SFR and Free on the 5th of April 2023.

Vue aérienne de la ville de Blois en France

The outlines of the guidelines for antennas and mobile telephony

Ongoing consultation between the City and operators

One of the first objectives of this agreement is to ensure ongoing consultation between the town of Blois and the telephone operators. The aim of this consultation is to encourage open and constructive dialogue, where stakeholders can discuss plans to install antennas and concerns about electromagnetic exposure.

Complete digital coverage

Another key objective of the agreement is to ensure good digital coverage of the whole region of Blois. It is important that all citizens have access to quality telecommunications services, regardless of their geographical location. This guarantee helps to reduce the pressure to multiply antennas, which can potentially increase exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Transparency and public information

Transparency is a fundamental pillar of the Blois Charter. The city is committed to providing full and accessible information to citizens about plans to install antennas. It has set up an online platform,, where relevant resources are available for consultation. Operators are required to submit a Town Hall Information File (DIM) one month before finalising their projects, which enables the town of Blois to inform its citizens proactively.

Choice of sites

The charter also encourages the City to be informed of the choice of sites for the installation of antennas. This collaboration makes it possible to find the best compromise between the need for digital coverage and the preservation of the quality of life and exposure of citizens. The principle of sobriety is at the heart of this approach, aimed at limiting public exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Real-time monitoring of exposure to electromagnetic fields

In addition to these commitments, the town of Blois has taken additional measures to monitor exposure to electromagnetic fields. We have installed five continuous measurement sensors to monitor changes in exposure levels in real time, by neighbourhood, near schools and near telephone masts. Since the 1st of July 2023, the EMF Observatory has been a valuable tool enabling every citizen of Blois to check their exposure to electromagnetic fields, including average, minimum and maximum values. This initiative by the town of Blois demonstrates its desire to take account the concerns of its residents while promoting the development of the telecommunications infrastructure needed for a modern society. It also demonstrates the importance of collaboration between local authorities and telephone operators to ensure responsible management of electromagnetic fields. By adopting a transparent and participatory approach, Blois is setting itself up as a model for other municipalities wishing to respond proactively to the challenges posed by electromagnetic exposure in our connected world.


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