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Innovation for EMF better management

Concerned by the health aspects linked to electromagnetic fields, we make environmental health a priority by supporting public and private actors to better define their risks management policies.

For responsible digital deployment, we design innovative services and products with the ambition of finding the balance between health and technological development.

You also have the power to act

for your

local authorities

We support you in the management of public exposure through our multi-service offer EMF City Management : Training, Measurements, Mapping, Real Estate Valorisation, etc.

for yourself

as an individual

Information, understanding, awareness, high and low EMF exposure measurements, best practices… We offer you personalised and often free solutions.

for your


We provide you with risk assessment solutions to guarantee the safety of your workers and ensure your compliance with current regulations.

for your


Compliance, social responsibility or responses to the concerns of your workforce… We help you create a safe working environment.

for your

telecoms infrastructures

We offer complete support for the deployment of your infrastructures, ensuring compliance with regulatory environmental standards and the safety of your employees.

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real estate parks

We help you achieve HQE certification, enhance the value of your real estate, raise awareness among your residents and promote your corporate social responsibility.


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Environmental health and electromagnetic fields

At work

Exposure at work can vary depending on the type of activity. In the tertiary sector, the problem is similar to that encountered in the home, with many connected objects used on a daily basis, such as Wi-Fi and mobile telephony terminals, smartphones, headsets and DECT telephones. In the industrial sector, the problem is more specific, with, depending on the field, numerous devices likely to generate strong electromagnetic fields that may exceed exposure limits, such as welding machines. The medical sector is also a source of many devices radiating strong fields, such as MRI scanners.


The EMF Observatory

The EMF Observatory, designed and produced by Exem, is a platform for continuously monitoring exposure to electromagnetic fields which is based on the establishment of a network of interconnected sensors. Its aim is to help local authorities manage public exposure to electromagnetic waves and deal with surrounding EMF variations.