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Aurillac, a transparent look at exposure to electromagnetic fields

In the heart of Aurillac, whether in the Place de l'Hôtel de Ville or the Rue du Carmel, a new
EMF City Map Tours Métropole Val de Loire

Tours Métropole Val de Loire leads the way in transparency by mapping its exposure to electromagnetic fields by bicycle

Tours Métropole Val de Loire worked with EXEM to map electromagnetic exposure in Tours city centre on the 7th of
Vue des Palais des Papes à Avignon

Avignon takes a proactive approach to 5G

The city of Avignon has taken a bold initiative to address its citizens' concerns about the roll-out of 5G on
vue panoramique sur les toits d'une ville avec des antennes-relais

What regulations apply to human exposure to electromagnetic fields?

Several pieces of legislation govern the exposure of the public and workers to electromagnetic fields...
Vue aérienne de la ville de Blois en France

Blois, a city committed to the management of electromagnetic fields in its territory

The town of Blois is committed to the management of electromagnetic fields in its area: consultation, transparency and real-time monitoring.

Responsible electromagnetic field management: Tours Métropole Val de Loire projects

Tours is equipping itself with real-time measurement sensors to provide a better understanding of fluctuations in electromagnetic fields...

The influence of electromagnetic fields on health

In an increasingly connected world, exposure to electromagnetic fields raises concerns about their effects on our health.
Femme devant son four micro-ondes

What electromagnetic fields are we exposed to?

Discover the different sources of electromagnetic fields and their potential effects on our health: radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, etc.

The role of local authorities in managing exposure to electromagnetic fields

Strasbourg's Eurometropole gives us the keys for an area committed to managing exposure to electromagnetic fields. Discover its best practices...

The EMF Observatory extended to Bordeaux Metropole

Bordeaux Métropole is deploying an additional 30 sensors in the region's communes. Measurement results are available at

Mulhouse tests the EMF Observatory

Mulhouse has set up sensors as part of the ANFR initiative to monitor exposure to electromagnetic fields, in response to

The EMF Observatory operational in Bordeaux

ANFR and the City of Bordeaux have installed three electromagnetic field sensors in anticipation of the roll-out of 5G. The


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